Timetable Achiever Course & Examination Timetabling System.
Solve the life cycle of planning, scheduling, reporting, student registration found in tertiary institutions and universities.

Our Solutions

Connecting Artificial Intelligence with People
There are more than 14 years on development of Artificial Intelligence at academic research. Some of the results are repackage as libraries for further customization. However, the final solution based on several libraries is typically failed when considering the real-life factors and dynamic changing nature of the problem domain.

REAL Logic focus on the break-through research by combing the Constraint Programming techniques and extend it with Local Search and Operation Research techniques to tackle real-life hardest instance found in scheduling and resource allocation. Combined with REAL Logic Foundation Layer, this solution has been adopted to solve large scale timetabling problem with over 10,000 students found in Hong Kong.

REAL Logic Timetabling
REAL Logic Fusion Layer
{Local Search | Constraint | OR}
Foundation Layer
Constraint Programming Local Search

RexCloud Illustration

The evolutionary RexCloud leverages state-of-the-art datacenter and the cloud technology for high-performance collaboration and remote access. Designed to be dynamic and scalable, RexCloud can scale up or down by few simple steps.

Complete Workflow Management:
  • Sales Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Staff Record Management
  • Easy To Setup and Manage
  • Multi User Roles and Access Control
  • Comprehensive Report


About REAL Logic

Artificial Intelligence | Timetabling | Resource Allocation

REAL Logic Technology Company (“REAL Logic”) is a subsidiary of Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (“GES”) (www.ges.com.hk). REAL Logic develops and supplies resource allocation, planning, scheduling and management software and services since 2003. REAL Logic uses its expertise and technology to provide resource scheduling, resource management.

REAL Logic is an approved sub-contractor of Global eSolutions (HK) Limited under SOA-QPS4 and Golden Dynamic Enterprises Limited under SOA-QPS3 respectively, in which we are capable to provide IT services to the Government’s various bureaux and departments.


Our People and Strengths

REAL Logic's people are IT specialists come from commercial and universities. Our strengths lie in providing an overview on the resource usage and status for decision maker for resource planning and budgeting.

We know the quality is the most concerns for our users, therefore, we’ve emphasis the following area in our product development life cycle:

  • Component-wise the key technologies: constraints & local search library
  • Adopt the test-driven techniques: the core logic can be tested with extensive set of test cases for the changes
  • Focus on new technologies that simplify your life: cloud-based, our Auto Update layer, Logging layer can speed up the deployment and diagnosis swiftly

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